Sunday, June 27, 2010


General ed requirements. I have a hard time putting effort into these classes. They are things such at your random dance classes or art classes and histories that are required to graduate college. Didn't I already go through at least 9 years of learning those? (3rd-12th grade) Other countries spend the four years they are in college studying their specific major. No wonder we seem to be a step behind. However, since I am an american citizen, I must sign up for, pay, attend and pass every last one of them. So I decided to find out exactly why I have to take them, because let's all be honest, if we know why we have to do something then we usually do it more efficiently. 

After doing some research here is why we are required to study these classes:

1. We must understand the interaction of many systems that hold the global community together such as: politics, economy, organizational, scientific and cultural systems.
2. We must understand communication.
3. We must develop the ability to evaluate, verify, test and apply knowledge in a broad spectrum of solutions we face every day.
4. We must develop or refine our conscious value system that directs our behavior.
5. We must learn about diversity within the world.

I can understand the idea that we must learn about our culture and those around us, and we must understand how to adapt to the ever changing world. However, generations seemed to manage just fine as the world turned.

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